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Create the most beautiful works of art in the water!

Magic Pen mijn hummeltje

These special, magical water pens allow you to create beautiful, floating works of art on the water. A unique way to develop your little one's creative side.

Floating works of art

Use the pens to make drawings on hard material, such as a plate or spoon. When you pour water over the drawing, the artwork will detach and float on the water. This creates an amazing soup full of unique, floating works of art! The pens can also be used on paper.


✓ Stimulates creativity
Creativity in a special way. No standard drawing, but the artworks really come to life by floating on water.

✓ Multifunctional
The pens can be used on hard surfaces to bring works of art to life and are also suitable for old-fashioned use on paper.

✓ Easy to use
Create a drawing with the pens on a hard surface and slowly pour water over the artwork to make it float.

✓ Safe
The pens are free of toxic substances making them 100% safe for your little one.

How to use

1. Draw the desired figure on the spoon (make sure the spoon is ceramic, so this may also be another ceramic object). Wait 5-10 seconds until the drawing is completely dry. Make sure the surface you draw is thick enough to float (see video below).

2. Lift the spoon 45° and so slowly place it in the bowl of water

3. After you touch the surface of the water and the drawing touches the water you will see that the drawing detaches from the spoon and floats on the surface.

4. Make your own paste tattoo? By putting a piece of paper on the floating drawing you can then stick it on your arm via the piece of paper.

5. No ceramic spoon or other small ceramic object? No problem! Draw on a ceramic plate and then pour a layer of water on the plate. You will see that the drawings release and float.

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