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See more clearly so you can sew easier!

Having difficulties to see what you are sewing can be a real drag! That's where this Sewing Machine LED Light comes to the rescue! It offers the perfect lighting for you to sew with confidence and complete your sewing projects with ease.

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OPEN YOUR EYES to more accurate and impressive sewing with the Sewing Machine LED Light. Equipped with 18 powerful LED lights, it transforms how you sew by allowing you to see clearly what you’re doing.

SOFT WHITE LIGHT with a subtle hint of blue/purple improves your concentration and allows you to see details with ease. Immediately improve the quality of seams, hems, topstitching, quilting and applique work with proper lighting exactly where you need it.

RESIZABLE WITH SCISSORS to fit long- and short-armed machines as well as quilting machines, the Sewing Machine LED Light is universally compatible with all brands and models. The flexible strip conforms to your machine’s contours for an illuminating sewing experience.

NEVER ANY SHADOWS to throw off your sewing accuracy. The Sewing Machine LED Light casts crisp, direct light over any brand of sewing machine bed. Never again endure thread bunching-up or fabric not feeding because of impaired ability to see.

EASY INSTALLATION the lights come with strong adhesive tape and can be installed on any sewing machine. Adhesive clips can be used to clip the cord to the machine and keep it out of the way.

FITS ALL MACHINES so that no matter what machine you use. You can see what your sewing more easily. Fits Kenmore sewing machine, Singer, Brother, industrial, and all other brands!

LONG POWER CORD which is 5.57ft / 1.7m in length meaning you can easily reach your power supply.


-Cuttable every 3 LED lights
-Very bright chips 2835
-If the LED strip is too long, just cut it every 3 LEDs at the designated cut marks

Touch dimming switch:

-ON/OFF by short touch
-Brightness dimming by long touch
-Adjust brightness as you want
-5V working voltage
-Low cost & energy efficient

Package Includes:

-Sewing Machine LED Light
-Plug included
-5pcs adhesive cable clips
-Instruction manual 


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