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Treat Your Nail Pain Quickly And Effectively!

Do you suffer from ingrown toenails or nail fungus? Or aren't happy with the shape of your toenail?

Our revolutionary EasyPatches™ use a unique lever mechanism to correct the angle of nail growth and return the nail to its natural position. The patches straighten each side of the nail, creating a homogeneous and aesthetic growth.

How Do The EasyPatches™ Work?

EasyPatches™ are super easy to apply and require no additional treatment. Simply stick the patch on your toenails and press it firmly. Thanks to their shape and strong adhesive power, the EasyPatches™ then provide a leverage mechanism that brings your toenails back to their natural shape and guarantees beautiful and healthy nails.

Why Our Customers Love The EasyPatches™

✔️ Cures any nail ailments - Thanks to the innovative design and technology, the EasyPflaster™ help with a wide variety of nail ailments, such as ingrown toenails or fungal infections.

✔️ Painless & Easy - The EasyPflaster™ allow a painless and quick correction of the nail, and contribute to a long-term better nail care.

✔️ Boosts your confidence - Stop hiding your feet! Finally walk with a smile again in sandals, flip flops or barefoot thanks to EasyPatches™. They straighten your toenails and finally make them look healthy and natural again.

Results From Our Customers

Hannah G. used our EasyPatches™ for a total of 2 months and kept sending us updates during this time. Congratulations on this success!

"This stuff really works! My father-in-law told me about it. He got rid of his fungus with it too. I have been using it for 2 months now and it looks like it is almost gone (see pictures). I had gotten fungus in a nail salon 18 years ago and have tried laser treatment, vicks, nonyx and a lot of other products but this stuff really works!!!! I use it 3 times a week."

- Hannah G.


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