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Create Yards of Bias Tape in Minutes!

This Bias Tape Maker Kit has everything you need to make 4 different sizes of bias tape. After cutting strips of fabric, you simply feed them through a bias tape maker and iron the creases as you go. It’s so fast and easy!

  • Make Custom Bias Tape from ANY Fabric! — Shopping for bias tape is frustrating… You can rarely find the exact color and size you need. Whether you want contrasting bias tape or an exact color match, these bias tape makers help you achieve the perfect look.
  • Avoid Extra Trips to the Craft Store — It seems like you're always forgetting to buy some notion or sewing tool for a project. When you have bias tape makers at home, you won’t have to go on the hunt for bias tape when you need it to finish a project. That saves you time and money.
  • Make Perfect Single-Fold or Double-Fold Bias Tape with Ease — It’s nearly impossible to get perfectly straight and even bias tape when you try to do it without a bias tape maker. And why would you want to try?!?! Bias tape makers fold your fabric with no hassle.

Why buy premade bias tape when you can MAKE YOUR OWN!?

What’s Included in the Kit?

4 Bias Tape Makers:

  • ¼-inch (green)
  • ½-inch (yellow)
  • ¾-inch (red)
  • 1-inch (blue)
  • 1 Wooden Awl
  • 1 Adjustable Bias Binder Foot
  • 50 Ball Sewing Pins
  • 4 Sewing Clips
  • 1 Storage Case

What Is Bias Tape Used For?

Whether you like to sew or quilt, you'll probably want to use bias tape on a project sooner or later. It has so many uses! Get the Bias Tape Maker Kit so you're prepared! It's easier to use than you think.

Here are a few ways you can use bias tape:

  • Bind the edges of quilts
  • Finish the raw edges on necklines, armholes, bibs, placemats, and more
  • Add decoration and trim to bags and garments
  • Create simple straps, ties, and drawstrings
  • And more!

How to Use Bias Tape Makers

Bias Tape Makers are quick and easy to use!

Our kit comes with detailed instructions to help you make perfect bias tape every time.

Here’s how they work:

  1. Decide what size bias tape you want to make and then select the appropriate maker. You can make ¼”, ½”, ¾”, or 1-inch bias tape with our kit.
  2. Cut strips of fabric that are two times larger than your bias tape maker. We recommend always cutting on the bias (45°) for stretch.
  3. Use an awl to pull the start of your fabric strip through the bias tape maker. You feed it through the large end.
  4. As you pull the fabric through the tape maker, the edges are folded towards the center. Use an iron to press the creases in place. When you’re done, you’ll have perfectly symmetrical, single-fold bias tape!
  5. To make double-fold bias tape, simply fold your tape in half and iron it again.

It only takes a few minutes to make yards of bias tape! You won’t ever have to buy expensive bias tape from the craft store again.


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