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Hang your curtains without holes in your wall with our ultra-strong, self-adhesive holders!

Hanging your own curtains has never been easier! Hanging up window decoration or curtains without damaging your wall?

We have the right hanging systems for that!

With our CurtainGrip™ Adjustable Curtain Holders, you can easily hang your favorite curtains with an adjustable bracket and avoid damage like holes in your wall! Experience the ultra-strength that can hold up to 8 kg!

Lightweight, but it can support up to 8 kg!

Our CurtainGrip™ Adjustable Curtain Holders are powerful nail-free holders that are lightweight. Save money by not having to hire expert help! The holders are super easy to install and they are powered by 3m adhesive strips that provide a stable and firm grip so it can support a weight of 8kg!

CurtainGrip™ Adjustable Curtain Holders

✔ Strong self-adhesive bracket: The holders can securely hold all rods and support up to 8 KG.

✔ Adjustable bracket: You can easily adjust the holders to fit around your curtain rod at any length so you can always hang your curtains perfectly.

✔ Easy and seamless installation: Installation requires no craftsman or nails, so it causes no damage to your walls or furniture!

✔ Premium quality: The holders are water-repellent, rust-resistant and durable. It can be applied to wood, steel, tile and concrete.

How to use

  1. Make sure the wall is completely clean and dry before attaching the bracket.
  2. Remove the transfer paper.
  3. Place the bracket on the wall and wait 5-10 hours before hanging your curtain rod.
  4. In low temperatures, you can warm the adhesive patch with a hair dryer. This will help the adhesive to adhere to the wall

Product Information

Size: 4.2 cm * 3.2 cm * 4.5 cm
Main Material: ABS
Capacity: 8 kg
Contents: 4 pieces (2+2 FREE)


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