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Don't let age erase those beautiful features!

  • Deeply carves, lifts, & contours your face
  • Just 5 minutes per day to improve face shape
  • Tightens skin & stimulates collagen production
  • Treat your sagginess, puffiness, or double chins

Carve out your stunning features in seconds without going under the knife

"Every swipe revealed my beautiful bone structure more & more"

The Microcurrent Face Toner introduces a low-grade electrical current into the face muscles and skin cells to rapidly tighten skin & boost collagen. 

The facial muscles contract & tighten with regular use—just like a gym workout, The Microcurrent Face Toner also drains sub-dermal lymphatic fluid to bring out your facial contours.

This micro-current helps lift the eyebrows, define cheekbones & jawline, brighten, tighten & firm the skin.

What Is It? A 5-Minute Face Lift

5 minutes a day, 5 days a week provides instant & cumulative results.

The Microcurrent Face Toner stimulates the larger surface areas of your face by sending gentle electrical waves through skin down to the facial muscles. It mimics and gently re-energizes the body’s own natural current helping to tone, lift, and contour, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

The results can be so dramatic from micro-current treatments that they are considered "non-surgical face lifts."

Reviews from our customers

“My sister asked if I had LOST WEIGHT 😍 When they say the results are instant & drastic, they are not joking." - Rachel C, Memphis, TN

“I used this thing ONE TIME & BOOM! Jaw sagginess gone. Cheek puffiness gone. Right before my eyes" - Shonda J. Atlanta, GA

“My double chin is GONE!! PERIOD." - Bethany, G. Portland, OR

An Powerful Affordable In-Home Solution

Tightens Skin by ATP Stimulation:

Micro-current treatments shown to boost ATP production by as much as 500%, improving the skin's vitality at the cellular level. ATP synthesis was increased as long as the current was below 500 μA

Stimulates collagen production:

The microcurrent technology triggers the bodies production of collagen. Repair and renewing skin vitality, texture, and glow.  Customers have seen results in as few as 10 uses.

Reduces Dark Circles:

Micro-current facials tighten and smooth the facial muscles & connective tissues by promoting cellular activity. It has been shown to enhance the recovery process. 

Boosts blood circulation:

This low-intense electrical stimulation may result in improved blood flow to the skin that helps enhance the skin's health, making it look healthier, plump, and radiant.

Improves product absorption:

The low level microcurrents open ones skin channels and enhance the absorption of active ingredients of skincare products.


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