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With these veneers you'll always have the perfect smile!

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Everyone knows the problem: your teeth become yellower and less straight over the years. Unfortunately, restoring and whitening your current teeth costs a lot of money and is not always good for your dental health.

Eating, drinking and smoking without having to worry about your teeth

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Snap-on teeth™ are made of durable veneers that keep your teeth healthy and protected while you eat, drink or smoke. The comfortable and flexible design allows you to achieve the smile you've always dreamed of in seconds, no matter the shape of your teeth.

No uncomfortable visits to the dentist

Snap-on teeth™ gives you the perfect smile without going to the dentist. It is the perfect alternative to expensive braces or uncomfortable dental treatments. You don't have to go to the dentist and you save a lot of money and time. You don't have to go to treatments you don't feel like going to!

All the benefits

✔️ Always white teeth
Do you drink a lot of coffee, tea or smoke? No problem. Snap-on teeth™ are designed to make sure there are no color differences.

✔️ Naturally beautiful teeth
They look just like natural teeth, including the color, so you won't be embarrassed to wear them.

✔️ Easy to close
Fits completely around your teeth so no glue is needed. Just place on your teeth and you'll get an instant perfect smile!

✔️ Comfortable fit
Ensures super comfortable wearing all day long. Plus, it's easily adjustable for a customized fit no matter what your teeth are. Snap-on teeth™ are not harmful to your teeth, gums or mouth, making them ideal for everyday use.

✔️ Reusable
No need to buy a new set! Just wash gently and use again.

How to use?

1. Place the teeth in a cup of hot (almost boiling) water for 1 minute. This will soften them and allow them to be adjusted.

2. Place the teeth firmly over your existing teeth using a mirror. Press them firmly against your teeth and gently tap the impression material behind your real teeth with your thumbs.

3. After 30 seconds, carefully remove the teeth from your mouth and place them in a glass of cold water to cool. The impression material will turn white when it has hardened.

4. The impression is now based on the shape of your teeth and can be used as you wish.

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