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Your instant lip fix... basically lip filler without the filler

Get fuller looking lips, with no stings attached. Cozzo Vitamin E + HA Lip Plumping Serum is a volumizing lip plumper infused with a nourishing cocktail of Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for instant and long-term hydrating benefits. This plumper instantly improves lip volume in 3-5 minutes and hydrates dry areas. Plus, when used 2x daily for 30 days, see an increase in overall lip volume. 

A cocktail made to make your lips smile

Our industry-first Vitamin E + Hyaluronic Acid formula nourishes your lips with lip-healing ingredients that plump and moisturize the lips.

The formula is beneficial to overall lip appearance is because:

1. Vitamine E allows for lips to produce collagen for naturally plumper lips

2. Hyaluronic Acid that increases moisture retention, so lips stay hydrated and juicy.

This is the only lip product that can give you fuller and hydrated lips without needles.

No pain, no dryness, no breakouts. Just a lil tingle and bigger lips

This isn't your old school lip plumper from back in the day. The spicy, tingly and almost painful feeling that barely made a difference to your lips is what we didn't want to make.

Our formula does tingle. But it's more a tickle to be honest. The light tingle let's you know the product is working but is 100% safe for your skin.

Dermatologist tested the current blend of active ingredients are gentle enough to use consistnetly but strong enough to notice visible results.

Have your friends guessing why your lips are so full for so long

Because of the serums formula, your lips won’t be plump for just 5, 15 or even 45 minutes.

Expect a long lasting plump that’ll make you and your friends guessing if you actually got lip filler or not.

Use it for a date night, a special event or a girls brunch. Your lips will look visually fuller for the entire time you’re out.

In 5 mins or less walk out the door with celeb like lips

Because our unique formulation the serum is super lightweight and absorbs right into the lips leaving ZERO residue.

This let's the lips reap all the benefits of our special sauce FAST!

You can get noticablly bigger lips in as little as 5 minutes, so if your ever in a pinch and need a little extra pout. This little miracle serum got your back.

10x easier than applying lip gloss when you're in rush

Because of the easy to use wand applicator there is no way you can mess this up girl...

The serum glides on the lips effotlessly. No fuss, or struggle with our product. Just 3 steps for gorgeous full lips:

1. Apply a generous coat to the lips, staying inside the lip line, as often as desired

2. This product delivers a temporary tingling sensation

3. Enjoy visibly improved volume and fullness with extra hydration

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